Customized Recruitment Solutions for Global Requirements on Temporary/Contract Basis

Local and Global Hiring, Head Hunting

Countries we provide customized recruitment services

Rahat Enterprises is the leading recruitment consultancy that offers customized recruitment solutions for all your staffing needs. We strive to bring to you a hassle-free and one-stop expert recruitment solution that caters to the requirement-based hiring assistance. Our recruitment services are carefully customized to perfectly match your company’s culture and requirements. We also understand that time is money and therefore have brilliant HR solutions that are guaranteed to drive better results in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Long-Term Strategic Talent Acquisition

Rahat Enterprises specializes at fulfilling the recruitment demands for both – urgent-basis as well as regular, long-term hiring processes of companies. Rahat Enterprises maintains a large talent pool which continues to expand with fresh individuals joining in who promise to deliver the best. Our wide network is adept of locating the best suited talent from a global platform to suit your requirement. We promise to deliver results and work on a pre-determined payment policy.

We provide customized recruitment services in these countries:

Services Offered

  • Aptitude scrutiny, evaluation and validation
  • End-to-end Recruitment Services
  • Periodic, full-time and part-time hiring to suit business diversification and expansion
  • Employee induction into the company

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