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Manpower Consultants for Libya

Libya has one of the highest per capita GDP in Africa of 17,000 USD and the highest Human Development Index in Africa. Oil and natural gas export are the key contributors to Libya’s economy. Libya’s oil reserves ranks first in Africa among the top five in the world. Additionally, natural gas and gypsum deposits in Libya are quite massive.

Post the Libyan civil war in 2014, the economy has steadily continued to become stable with significant efforts from the government in mobilizing infrastructural development. Owing to these efforts, the government, as well as the business centers in Libya are intensively seeking out to hire efficient, skilled and unskilled workers to work at the construction sites, engineers, power and electricity, hospitality, retail, finance and accounting, and IT and telecommunication.

The economic development aided with infrastructural growth has given way to many alternate sectors booming up like transport and logistics, road construction, shipping, packaging and port building.

Rahat Enterprises has been providing the Gulf nations with customized recruitment solutions – ranging from top level positions to bulk manpower for infrastructural development – for over a decade now. Our systematic way of working ensures the best candidates for jobs with special skill requirements.

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