Recruitment in Shipping industry

Hire Affordable Skilled/Unskilled Labour in Shipping industry

Cutting and welding machine operators or boiler operators, mechanic staff or medical staff, sales staff or engineering staff, the field of shipping is vast and opportunities are many. Besides, the 80% or the world trade is carried about by the shipping industry signifies the importance of the manpower it requires to meet the global challenges by the shipping companies. Besides, cargo managers, goods handlers and warehouse staff needs to be highly skillful as well as experienced.

Rahat Enterprise has been the backbone of the shipping industry offering a wide range of manpower for each and every operation that needs to be carried out in the shipping industry. To serve the clients batter and consistently, we follow the pipeline model and keep the long lasting database of the candidates that are high potential for the shipping industry. A professional degree is just one parameter. However, Rahat Enterprise is known to test the candidates from all aspects of the needs of the client to ensure we recruit for them the employees that are proficient in their work and dedication towards the responsibility they are trusted with.


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