Recruitment for Construction of Roads and Highways

Recruit Maintenance Engineers, Foreman and Workers

Good roads are like the arteries of a country connecting the people of one place to another and are the key drivers for sustainable development. Roads have important role in infrastructure development and have been regarded as a milestone for a country’s economic growth.

In this industry, the modern day construction machinery needs human resource who can work in all conditions. They need to work for long hours with more potential and efficiency. The safety factor is also taken into consideration while carrying out the construction with sophisticated designs and technologies. Highway engineer, design engineer, general manager, team leader, and laborers form the work force of this industry. There is a high demand for quality workforce around the year. New roads and highways are being constructed for a better connectivity due to globalization.

Rahat Enterprises provides professional recruitment solutions to our clients for their construction requirements and services in a time bound manner. Professionals are selected on the basis of their experience in this industry through proper screening procedures and provided them for the best benefit of our clients. We usually prefer Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Architects, and Managers with construction experience for such jobs. Contact Rahat Enterprises for any queries, alternatively you can submit your vacancy here.

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