Manpower Consultancy for Receptionist and Front Office Staff

Hire Front Desk Professionals having a Pleasing Personality

Hiring people with a pleasing personality as front desk professionals and receptionists is a critical requirement of service industry.The business duties of a receptionist is to see to it that the visitors’ enquiries are answered well in a polite manner,direction is provided about a company and its products or services,helping visitors to reach their destinations,sorting and handing out mail,responding to all incoming calls on multi-line telephones.A client’s first interaction is generally with the receptionist so there is high demand for such positions.Prospective customers can make a decision to deal you’re your company by the first impression and presentation,behavior of your receptionist or the treatment of your front office staff.

We look for these following qualities in a prospective candidate:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills for dealing with customers
  • Highly disciplined and follow the etiquettes of the business
  • Professionally handle customer issues and connect them with the concerned departments
  • Assist the higher officials by maintaining their appointment schedule
  • Awareness of the existing as well as any changes in the hotel’s booking/cancellation policies, tariff, facilities, discounts, etc.
  • Identify any fault, delay or problem in the system or the hotel and report immediately to the higher officials
  • Proficient and calm in handling crisis situations.

In this field,qualification or a graduate degree is not a very important criterion. A tech savvy company may require a science graduate or an accountancy company may prefer a commerce graduation.The only most important skill required here is Communication, presentation and attitude.

So, with a clear understanding of this fact, we at Rahat Enterprises make sure that we hire highly presentable and intelligent candidates, having excellent communication/interpersonal skills, and who can be the face of your business to the walk-in clients. Do let us know about your requirements by submitting your vacancy here.Alternatively, you may connect with us at Rahat Enterprises and our recruitment consultants will advise you accordingly.

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