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Recruit Best Engineers for Power Transmission Sector

The demand for electrical energy is increasing by the day. With energy crisis being the major issue at the current period, the industry is definitely one of the leading sectors to have its impact on the global economy. Population growth and demand for better infrastructure have expanded the energy market making power transmission and distribution a very exciting and upcoming sector.

The power distribution market is becoming very competitive with new initiatives and demand for more power. Recruitments in power distribution sector ranges from directors and managers, to field technicians to engineers.

Thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants are the centers of energy production. Apart from that, power distribution and management consumes bulk manpower in this sector.

Areas with maximum demand for skilled professionals are:

  • Distribution and Transmission
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Plant Design.

Rahat Enterprises offers a wide range of recruitment solutions that are customized to suit the requirements of domestic as well as international clients. We go through a proper and established selection procedure to select the right candidates as per the job requirements. Interested candidates must have good communication skills along with the desired qualifications. They must be equipped in handling different machineries of international standards, and should be prepared to work for long hours to meet the growing demand.

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