Recruitment Services for Plumbers and Pipe Fitters

Hire Affordable Skilled/Unskilled Labor for Construction Sites

Rahat Enterprises derives best solutions for bulk manpower for construction and  facility management companies. To build and maintain plumbing services in residential as well as commercial places, plumbing workers are in need. They are required by both Plumber/pipe fitters. A pipefitter job is to attach pipes to walls, fixtures, structures, and such as tanks, radiators or brackets,using clamps, tools welding equipment.

We make sure that each requirement of the client is considered and hire the right candidates as per their requirement. Rahat Enterprises will make sure you get the right plumbing or fitting workers within the allocated time frame. Many a times, resident plumbers are also required by clients, especially in institutions like healthcare, restaurants,hotels and educational institutes, that operates 24*7.

We also help in the procedure of the visa processing systems for international recruits.


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