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Oil and gas industry, also known as the petroleum industry, is a five stage industry which consists of exploring, extracting, refining, transporting and marketing the petroleum products. It is touted as the most impactful of all the industries with a direct relation to a country’s economic growth and accounting for nearly 65% of the total energy produced globally. Every other industry needs oil and gas to function.

Oil fields are located in different parts of the globe, hence the industry requires skilled and efficient manpower to be positioned in those different parts. The life of the workers can be tough not only because of difficult and consuming work conditions, but also because they are required to stay away from their homes and families for a prolonged duration. And because of the global nature of the recruitment, these workers are also required to have a great interpersonal skills and team building skills to be able to see through the cultural differences and work as one.

The leading recruitment agency – Rahat Enterprises – assures of the best in the industry recruitment solutions for all your professional needs in the oil and gas sector. Our timely work schedule of completing the recruitment is well appreciated by our clients. Do connect with us for hiring professionally qualified individuals for a managerial position or for skilled bulk manpower.

Regions with maximum demand for Oil and Gas Recruitment
Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar

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