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Hire Workers for Dairy Farming and Meat/Seafood Processing

Countries of UAE are hiring meat packers for slaughtering,meat packing,or wholesale establishments performing precision functions involving the preparation of meat.Work may include cutting standard or premium cuts of meat for marketing specialized slaughtering tasks, wrapping meats,making sausage.They are required to work in varied temperatures,need to bear strong odors and maneuver carefully through wet floors.The demand is picking up for efficient manpower to fulfil their need for proficient meat packers.Grinding, wrapping packaging, clean the meat and of meat products is to be done by meat packers.Meat packers are primarily required to shave and de-feather the raw meat,for further processing. The candidates should have sound health as the job demands lifting heavy and large boxes.They are required to trim the head and other body parts,wipe out the skin, and finely wrap the trimmed meat carefully.Meat packers’ job includes completing packaging orders, proper maintenance of the slaughtering machines, and record keeping of the delivery.

Meat Packers need to have work skills and need to be skillful in the mentioned work. Their work demands long shifts with more than fifty hours of work in a week. Meat packers should be thoroughly educated on various food production and processing techniques, animal organs, and government policies under the animal protection acts.

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