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An iOS (iPhone Operating System) application developer is expected to develop, design and maintain iPad and iPhone applications. Many people are using iOS applications all over the world, thus increasing the demand for newer applications which are bound to have a wider reach internationally. The application developer is expected to translate mock ups into fully functioning features, maintain and enhance the iOS application, develop new and existing iOS applications and features, implement conversion experiments, work with designers to improve user interface and work with team members on integration of server-sides. A knowledge of SQL is also expected. Most developers will need training in the platform or related fields and a strong background in technology development. Experience in the field is a major advantage.

Interested iPhone Application Developer must be highly self-motivated and should be able to work well under pressure and with deadlines. The person needs to be able to pay attention to details and have excellent written and spoken English and be comfortable working on a platform in English. Other than this, the candidate is required to be a team player, passionate about technological innovations, and possess a willingness to learn.

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