Fertilizer Plants, Petrochemical Industry Recruitment Services

Hire Passionate and Qualified Manpower

The fertilizer industry offers tremendous opportunities for the talent across the globe. Fertilizer need is directly related to a country’s agricultural productivity. It promotes plant growth in many ways. Many bio fertilizers are essential nutrients for plants, triggering higher yield, thereby enhancing the economic development of a country. Today’s fertilizer industry has come a long way in terms of technology, thus meeting almost all the requirements of the agriculture industry.

Petro-chemicals or fertilizers industry is a slightly sensitive industry to work in terms of health considerations, therefore, we work on enforcing stricter health norms in our recruitment process. Candidates may be required to work in deserted campuses far from city life. We look for candidates with degrees in engineering, management or petro-chemicals. Prior exposure to fertilizers and petro industry and a basic understanding of the local language used in the job location will be an advantage.

Rahat Enterprises brings to you expert consultation regarding hiring of expert and semi-expert manpower for petro-chemicals or fertilizers industry. Our experience and expertise in the industry helps us provide the best recruitment service to our clients. From sales manager to safety engineer to executive director, we ensure the right candidate for your needs.


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